Our First Step Towards IPO

Our First Step Towards IPO

We will be the very first purely Myanmar-based FMCG company to be publicly listed in the world.


We are proud and excited to announce that Loi Hein has taken the first step towards an initial public offering on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). We have selected KTZmico of Thailand as the investment banker and financial adviser. We will also select our legal adviser and audit firm very soon.

The journey towards IPO will take approximately two to three years. We believe the earliest date an IPO can occur is January 2021. If we accomplish this mission, we will be the very first purely Myanmar-based FMCG company to be publicly listed in the world. We will raise much needed capital for domestic and regional expansion. This capital will allow us to compete with large multinationals so that we can remain one of the top FMCG companies in Myanmar. It will also allow us to modernize our production facilities and explore export markets such as Europe or the US.

Loi Hein consists of four primary businesses: FMCG, Finance, Logistics, among others. We will only include the FMCG business in the public offering. Other parts of the company will remain private. For example, the Alpine Water and Alpine Dairy brands will be included in the public offering. Whereas, the LHLS logistics service business will not be included in the public offering.

Over the next two years, we will begin to diligently prepare for the IPO. The company will completely transform its sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and operations. We will adopt new corporate governance and compliance procedures. We will implement more effective accounting and inventory control systems. We will establish corporate communications and disclosure protocols. We will also need to establish our first regional office in Bangkok. This is merely a shortlist of the many aspects we plan to transform.

Project Aqua, which consists of the set of activities that will prepare us for the IPO, was launched on March 1, 2018. We will select key employees from our Yangon and Singapore offices to contribute and support the project. As with any major change or transformation initiative, there will be difficult and uncomfortable times. Senior Management will move forward with their best efforts to make this transition as rewarding and as smooth for our entire group. These are truly exciting times!

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